The Unsuccessful Designs

If someone told you that he has only successful designs and projects would you believe him? I will not believe.

One of the risks to work as a freelancer is that there can always appear a better designer than you or even worse, but with a better idea (sometimes this is the same). Most of the people that hire freelancers want them to do a mockup design before assigning the project to anyone. You should take that as a job interview. They will hire you if you perform well. To work as a freelancer you should be able to attend on a lots of job interview every day.

Everybody have a design that he likes and think is perfect, but have been rejected. Let me show you some of mine.

This project was for brochure design of a  Real Estate agency. I wanted to win this project very much, but at the end I didn't make it. I like the design that I have created and I do not regret for the time spent on doing it.

Next one was for a SEO company that wanted colored and attractive banner design. I was thinking that I did this, but ultimately I wasn't. 

This project was for header design for They tell me what they want and send me some samples of the headers they like and I started working on it. I came up with the idea of the store in right and the waves in the menu. I made really a lot of  changes of the design, but unfortunately they were not accepted. Finally I left without anything from my work, but the site has acquired the perfect idea. Sometimes it is nice to do good deeds.

I do not regret for these designs or for the time I spend doing them, because this is my job and this is what I love to do!

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