The cherished "Bid Won"

In my previous post I told you about how I got my first job as a freelancer. Right now I want to tell you how I won my first bid on a project in This was the first freelancer site in which I registered. Very long time it was the only place where I hoped my bidding for a project will be awarded as a winning one.

The days were flying, turned into weeks and the time passed by. Although my persistence success still wasn’t coming. I was working on some outside jobs, but I was always bidding on projects that I like. I was doing this all the time but never saw the cherished "Bid Won". Eight months passed by that way.

At, you can sign up for a free account that allows you to bid on 30 jobs per month. For each month that you are a member you will receive 1 bonus bid to the start 30. So if you are a member for one year you will have 42 bids for this month and 43 for the next one. 

One day when I was checking the list of the newest projects I found one that grab my attention. I decide to post my offer, but when I try it show me that my bids for month are over and will be recharged after few days. I was disappointed, because sometimes few hours are important, so nobody will wait for me for a week. Then I decide and create another profile and use one of the 30 bids for this project. 

What do you think happen? On next morning when I check my mailbox I have notification from that was saying “Bid on 2 Banner Designs by (secret) Won”. I was seeing this for first time and in the first moment I was looking it confused for a few second wondering what is this.

This was how I win my first bid on project. I waited eight month using the first profile (after that I succeed with it too) and just one night with my second one. Now I have 2 profiles with positive feedbacks and number of satisfied clients. Actually after I win my first project clients start to response much more often to my offers. When I remove the annoying “No Feedback Yet” from my profile everything went well.

I have a recipe for success and it is hard work, perseverance…and a little luck.


How I got my first job

One day my friend told me about this site where people with different skills can register and be employed by other people. I check it, register and use it almost every day since then. I am talking about  Everyone that work as self-employed and is not committed to a particular employer long term has a favorite freelance site. Well I have mine too and this is definitely 

One of the first guys that contact with me (the third one, if I have to be precise) hired me for a project, but we make all of it outside the  site. It was not allowed, but it was his way to do the things and I do not mind it because I was new and I needed to take a project.
First thing that I learned in this business was that if you are new and you want to win a project to work on you have always to create sample designs for the potential employer. Everybody has unsuccessful designs. This is normal and you should not despair. I create few samples for him. Reviewing them now I am seeing how different and weaker than the final result are. They have nothing in common. Sometimes I wonder why he choose me, but I think he saw potential in me that led him to hire me again and again.

I am still working for that person and I am very grateful for the experience to work with him. We exchange more than 800 mails and I create a lot of different nice things for him.

This is how I get my first job as a freelancer. If you want to read how I win my first project in you can find the story in here.


Workday as a Freelancer

Let me tell you how I spend my day as a freelancer. I am not going to talk about how to spend your workday or how to optimize every hour of it. There are many articles on the Internet on these topics. It’s worth to read them, but right now I will tell you how I spend one of my days.

I have no problems getting up early.  I am on the principle that the earlier you wake up the longer your day is. Respectively you can get more jobs done. The first thing I do in the morning is to make a coffee.  When it’s ready, I am also ready to work.

Every morning I check my mailbox. Actually my mailboxes, because I have more than one.  I always try to have Inbox(0). This is very important for me. That’s why first I delete mails that do not interest me. Than I am starting to read what my clients have written to me.  I always reply. Sometimes immediately, sometimes later because I need to make some update of the design, show some mockup or just to think about it, but I always reply.  Most of the people I work for are in different time zone so I’m trying to answer everyone as soon as possible. 

When I finish with correspondence I am moving to next step. There are two possibilities. If I have a project that has deadline approaching or it is urgent I immediately deal with it. Another option is to have a project which, however, can wait for half or one hour. Then I begin to review the mails from the freelance sites with projects published during the night and bid on the once I like. Always subscribe for those notifications because I get information about new projects and contests that are matching my skills. 

When I am ready with this there is nothing but work. I am not going to talk about it. Just explore the blog and will find what interests you.

When feel tired and need little break I review my profile on Facebook, my blog or other sites that helps me to unwind.


Money For Nothing

When I was new and inexperienced in the freelancing I was so hard trying to win customers that you cannot imagine. I was ready to do anything to get the opportunity to prove myself. Even to work for almost no money, but to have the opportunity to practice and gain experience.

In the market there are a lot of companies or individuals who need large quantity of a certain product. This can be logos, banners, brochures, animations website layouts and many more. They are looking for a great amount of that product so they are willing to pay just few dollars for each design. There is nothing bad in that. Sometimes you can make great money doing project like that. In my case that didn’t work. 

I was doing banner designs for just $1.00 each, but in a while I realize that it is not worth the time. I didn’t make the “Big Money” with that project, and everything I have left are a few banners that I want to show you.

If you like what you are seeing please visit my Portfolio Page for more or just Say Hi, don’t be shy.


Fashion Banner Design

I have created two banners for an online store. This time I am not going to show you the site. Just take a look at the banners. The owner, invited me to make an offer for this project and after reviewing it he hired me. I made the designs, with images which he approved first. He had several notes and after few updates from my side everything was perfect. I always encourage my clients to make comments on the designs, because I want them to be 100% happy with the design that they are paying for.

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The Inspiration

It is not a secret to anyone that the unique and creative ideas on the Internet are respected. It is important of course this idea to makes sense for as many people and not just for you. If you want something that is only for yourself make a personal blog and surf in it as much as you like. But if you want your idea to succeed it must be valuable.

When I do some design whether web design, logo, banner, or something completely different I am always interested in the idea that will stand behind it. It is always been important to me to know that I am part of something. When you are creating design you are leaving a part of you in it. That’s why I need to know what is happening with it. Is it growing? Is it dying? Is it just lying somewhere at the beach?

When I see a great idea at internet I am thinking “Man, this is so cool and successful. And the idea is something that you can think off. Why didn’t you think of it?” And then I am starting to wonder what I can do. That’s how the idea of was born. By thinking.

The website is for stores in Bulgaria. It is like a catalogue or portal if you want. Profile of each brand actually constitutes a mini-site in my site that contains information on history, pictures, sales, catalog, goods, contacts, addresses, video, careers, and comments.

Everyone is able to register free a brand online. Owners can monitor, control and update information on their brand online. There is a place where you can like or dislike some of the stores. This is a place where you can find everything about stores in Bulgaria. It is your shopping navigator.

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If you like what you are seeing please visit my Portfolio Page for more or just Say Hi, don’t be shy.