Workday as a Freelancer

Let me tell you how I spend my day as a freelancer. I am not going to talk about how to spend your workday or how to optimize every hour of it. There are many articles on the Internet on these topics. It’s worth to read them, but right now I will tell you how I spend one of my days.

I have no problems getting up early.  I am on the principle that the earlier you wake up the longer your day is. Respectively you can get more jobs done. The first thing I do in the morning is to make a coffee.  When it’s ready, I am also ready to work.

Every morning I check my mailbox. Actually my mailboxes, because I have more than one.  I always try to have Inbox(0). This is very important for me. That’s why first I delete mails that do not interest me. Than I am starting to read what my clients have written to me.  I always reply. Sometimes immediately, sometimes later because I need to make some update of the design, show some mockup or just to think about it, but I always reply.  Most of the people I work for are in different time zone so I’m trying to answer everyone as soon as possible. 

When I finish with correspondence I am moving to next step. There are two possibilities. If I have a project that has deadline approaching or it is urgent I immediately deal with it. Another option is to have a project which, however, can wait for half or one hour. Then I begin to review the mails from the freelance sites with projects published during the night and bid on the once I like. Always subscribe for those notifications because I get information about new projects and contests that are matching my skills. 

When I am ready with this there is nothing but work. I am not going to talk about it. Just explore the blog and will find what interests you.

When feel tired and need little break I review my profile on Facebook, my blog or other sites that helps me to unwind.

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