The cherished "Bid Won"

In my previous post I told you about how I got my first job as a freelancer. Right now I want to tell you how I won my first bid on a project in This was the first freelancer site in which I registered. Very long time it was the only place where I hoped my bidding for a project will be awarded as a winning one.

The days were flying, turned into weeks and the time passed by. Although my persistence success still wasn’t coming. I was working on some outside jobs, but I was always bidding on projects that I like. I was doing this all the time but never saw the cherished "Bid Won". Eight months passed by that way.

At, you can sign up for a free account that allows you to bid on 30 jobs per month. For each month that you are a member you will receive 1 bonus bid to the start 30. So if you are a member for one year you will have 42 bids for this month and 43 for the next one. 

One day when I was checking the list of the newest projects I found one that grab my attention. I decide to post my offer, but when I try it show me that my bids for month are over and will be recharged after few days. I was disappointed, because sometimes few hours are important, so nobody will wait for me for a week. Then I decide and create another profile and use one of the 30 bids for this project. 

What do you think happen? On next morning when I check my mailbox I have notification from that was saying “Bid on 2 Banner Designs by (secret) Won”. I was seeing this for first time and in the first moment I was looking it confused for a few second wondering what is this.

This was how I win my first bid on project. I waited eight month using the first profile (after that I succeed with it too) and just one night with my second one. Now I have 2 profiles with positive feedbacks and number of satisfied clients. Actually after I win my first project clients start to response much more often to my offers. When I remove the annoying “No Feedback Yet” from my profile everything went well.

I have a recipe for success and it is hard work, perseverance…and a little luck.

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