How I got my first job

One day my friend told me about this site where people with different skills can register and be employed by other people. I check it, register and use it almost every day since then. I am talking about  Everyone that work as self-employed and is not committed to a particular employer long term has a favorite freelance site. Well I have mine too and this is definitely 

One of the first guys that contact with me (the third one, if I have to be precise) hired me for a project, but we make all of it outside the  site. It was not allowed, but it was his way to do the things and I do not mind it because I was new and I needed to take a project.
First thing that I learned in this business was that if you are new and you want to win a project to work on you have always to create sample designs for the potential employer. Everybody has unsuccessful designs. This is normal and you should not despair. I create few samples for him. Reviewing them now I am seeing how different and weaker than the final result are. They have nothing in common. Sometimes I wonder why he choose me, but I think he saw potential in me that led him to hire me again and again.

I am still working for that person and I am very grateful for the experience to work with him. We exchange more than 800 mails and I create a lot of different nice things for him.

This is how I get my first job as a freelancer. If you want to read how I win my first project in you can find the story in here.

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