The Inspiration

It is not a secret to anyone that the unique and creative ideas on the Internet are respected. It is important of course this idea to makes sense for as many people and not just for you. If you want something that is only for yourself make a personal blog and surf in it as much as you like. But if you want your idea to succeed it must be valuable.

When I do some design whether web design, logo, banner, or something completely different I am always interested in the idea that will stand behind it. It is always been important to me to know that I am part of something. When you are creating design you are leaving a part of you in it. That’s why I need to know what is happening with it. Is it growing? Is it dying? Is it just lying somewhere at the beach?

When I see a great idea at internet I am thinking “Man, this is so cool and successful. And the idea is something that you can think off. Why didn’t you think of it?” And then I am starting to wonder what I can do. That’s how the idea of was born. By thinking.

The website is for stores in Bulgaria. It is like a catalogue or portal if you want. Profile of each brand actually constitutes a mini-site in my site that contains information on history, pictures, sales, catalog, goods, contacts, addresses, video, careers, and comments.

Everyone is able to register free a brand online. Owners can monitor, control and update information on their brand online. There is a place where you can like or dislike some of the stores. This is a place where you can find everything about stores in Bulgaria. It is your shopping navigator.

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