Money For Nothing

When I was new and inexperienced in the freelancing I was so hard trying to win customers that you cannot imagine. I was ready to do anything to get the opportunity to prove myself. Even to work for almost no money, but to have the opportunity to practice and gain experience.

In the market there are a lot of companies or individuals who need large quantity of a certain product. This can be logos, banners, brochures, animations website layouts and many more. They are looking for a great amount of that product so they are willing to pay just few dollars for each design. There is nothing bad in that. Sometimes you can make great money doing project like that. In my case that didn’t work. 

I was doing banner designs for just $1.00 each, but in a while I realize that it is not worth the time. I didn’t make the “Big Money” with that project, and everything I have left are a few banners that I want to show you.

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