Creation of Character

Creating characters from description is really fun. To see them in your imagination. To see how they are escaping from their prison that is your mind. Here are five characters from one of my projects. They are kind of strange, but that is the whole idea of their existing. I bring them to live and they will serve for a unique approach to something old.

Chip Hollywood

56 years old
Old school gay guy
Wears mirrored sunglasses
Always doing blow
Has a 70's mustache
Slicks his hair back with pomade
Was a porn star in the 70'


21 years old
Black with deep voice like guy that sings Chocolate Rain
He's constantly saying what he would have done in any given situation
Doesn't want anyone to know his last name
Only fucks white chicks to keep his cover from all the black chicks that hit on him
Tells a girl her breast aren't big enough as an excuse not to sleep with them
Down low guy
He is really a total bottom
A member of every gay hookup site there is
Each has different non-identifiable pictures posted

Ira Batesman

32 years old
Sweaty white guy
Very pale
Lives in mom's basement
Waching only porn and video games
All friends are online
Calloused hands
Quotes porn precedent as a lawyer would
Nasty masturbating man
Will masturbate to anything
Invents new ways to masturbate
A drawer full of gloves for masturbation

Brandon Young

14 years old
Teenage boy
Beats off constantly
Loves risky sex - bathrooms/cars
Is fucking most of his teachers
Picks up guys at the local park
Perpetual boner
Brown hair
Try sexual
he is sleeping with anyone important, male and female
His mom is super proud of him and thinks he is an innocent angel.

Loraine Priests

42 years old
Straight woman
Two children, both girls, from underage boys
Hits on Brandon constantly
Picks up neighborhood boys to satisfy herself
Fucks her daughters boyfriends
Feathered blonde hair
Chain smoker
Trailer trash
Doesn’t look a year over 30
Amazing body

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