Full Time Freelancing

In my last article I showed you Part Time Freelancing advantages and disadvantages. Now you can read about Full Time Freelancing and to decide is it for you or you can stay part time freelancer.


1.Free Time. If freelancing is your full time job you will have your free time and not going to use it for freelancing. You will have all day at your disposal to achieve your day schedule. If you don’t distract yourself you will have time to search for clients, work and promote yourself.

2.Official Working Hours. You will be available during work hours and this way it will be easier to communicate with the clients. They will know that can find you at any time of the working day. This way your freelancing business looks more professional.

3.Energy. If you are more productive early at the mornings when the usual employers go to work you can use this and do a lot of work before they actually arrived. On the other hand if you feel better at the evenings you are not going to be tired from the long working day at the office. You will have energy to work and free time to rest.


1.Lonely. You can feel very lonely in the beginning if you are used to work with people around you. When working from home you still can communicate with others through Skype, Facebook, Twitter or else but the feeling is not the same. The freelance websites are office now and you will have to go with that if you want to be full time freelancer.

2.Financial Risk. Starting business as full time freelancer can be financial stress for you if you don’t have stable cash reserves. Also as you know there is nothing secure in the freelancing so will have to be prepare for week and maybe a months without stable incomes. This can be very stressful so you will have to be very careful with it.

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