Part Time Freelancing

Before you start freelancing you should know that there are two basic ways to do it. First one is to work as a part time freelancer while working on your regular job and the second one is full time freelancing where you are dedicated only to it. There are positive and negative things in both of them. Let me show you some of part time freelancing advantages and disadvantages.


1.Test Period. If you try working as a part time freelancer for a while you will be able to see if this is the right job for you. Do you feel comfortable doing it, how do you feel with the income from it, do you actually enjoy it or you are just taking it as a second job. When you have time to test things out it will be more easy for you if you decide to try as a full time freelancer.

2.Build Connections. This is a perfect way to build strong connections with clients and when you move to full time freelancing you can use them. When working for a company responsibility for finding a job is their, but if you work on your own it is all up to you. If you quit your job and try as a full time freelancer without having connections with clients it will be a way harder for you to achieve success.

3.Savings. You can make a cash reserve while you have income from two jobs. If you really want your business to succeed you will have to invest in it some of your incomes. When you receive money from two works it is easier to invest some of them.

4.Social Activities. This doesn’t mean to tweet and share all day long in internet social networks, but really to socialize with colleagues and friends at work. This is the way not feel like a hermit working all day at home. Sometimes while talking to colleagues you can think of an idea.


1.Less Free Time. This is one of the worst disadvantages for being part time freelancer. You will have to work really a lot. Will work before your actual job, will work after it, and will work at the weekends and holidays. You will lose projects, because you won’t have time to do it.

2.Deadline Pressure. Every customer wants to know when their product will be ready. You will have to give them a deadline and you must comply it. Your full time job can cause some troubles at this because you are using your spare time to work as a freelancer and you can’t do it while you are at work. So you will have to work twice harder.

3.Official Working Hours. Not available outside official working hours is bad for your business. Most of the clients don’t want to communicate after their work day is finished. They don’t want to receive calls or to check mailbox when they are finally at home after a long day at work. You can’t blame them, right?

4.No Energy. When you came back tired from work and you know you will have to work on your freelancing projects, because you are behind with some projects, you have new deadline or just because you need to work on to finish it, can ruin your evening and also your business. Some people are more focused, motivated and productive early at the morning when they are going to their full time jobs.

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