Project Phases

I wrote a lot about various design tasks and works, but let me tell you how one of my projects goes through all its phases. It will show you more clearly what my method of working is.

1.Finding Тhe Project. As usual looking for interesting posts in the and came across this project. The project was for a design that will go as a postcard and t-shirt. The idea was to be created a peanut character with an old style helmet, goggle and/or scarf or NASCAR style fire suit. There had to be driving motive involved.

2.The Bid. Headed my offer and it was approved. I was chosen as the winner of the project together with another freelancer. Later it turned out that he never contact after accepting the project. If you do not have time nor can’t finish a project don’t ever make the mistake of taking the job. Thus you lose your and the employer time and what is more important to you will receive a negative feedback for your work, which will affect your profile. Note that if you do not do the job the employer will not bother to give you negative feedback.

3.First Design. Immediately after accepting of the project began to think about how I imagine the design. Whenever I read project for which I intend to make an offer in my head is formed an idea that will achieve if picked. I made two versions which were small differences in general to see how the client will react to them.

4.Bonuses. Every time when you can it is a good idea to make bonuses to your client. In this case I knew that the design will be used for a postcard and t-shirt, so I place the little peanut buddy with his car on a blank t-shirt and send it. The client may not need this at all, but it will show you as a person who wants everything to be perfect for the customer.

5.Client Reaction. Sometimes you and the client will have a different view for the design. That’s why sometimes you will have to make an updates, changes or whole new concept according to your client needs. In my case he liked the character, but send me few samples that he likes and want to make it close as a style to those.

6.Second Design. I made a few changes in the face, because I wasn’t 100% happy with it. After fixing that up only thing that I needed to adjust was the font. I create three samples with different fonts and the client approved one of them. Here is the official design.

7.The Feedback. If most of your projects come from sites like feedback is very important to you. If positive it will make more and more new customers to trust you and use your skills. Sometimes your customers are so busy that they have no time to publish a review of your work. You should always have to push them to leave you a feedback.

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