Top 10 Freelance Advantages

Working as freelancer is difficult. There are so many disadvantages, which in many cases will make you to quit before you started.You can check Top 10 Freelance Disadvantages if you are interested. Being freelancers also has many positive aspects that are worth all the effort. Before you quit read what are the top 10 of the freelancing advantages.

1.No Boss. This sounds great, right? And it is! Being a freelancer means that you are running your own business. Being your own boss gives you confidence. The feeling that you work for yourself that everything is in your hands and depends on you is something that can motivate and reassure you.

2.Working Hours. Freelancing allows you to work when you want to. You can sleep till 5pm if you like and work after that. You can work for 2 hours and quit for the rest of the day. Of course you can work 18 hours if you like. When doing a freelance work you also do not have to hesitate when you want to go on a holiday or just to take a day off.

3.No Daily Traffic Jams. Roll out of bed and that’s it. You are in your office ready to work. While other people are stuck in the traffic going to work you can make yourself a coffee and do some work before they arrived at their workplaces. Or you just can take a look at the news in your area while outside is -20 or +40 C.

4.Control Your Price. When you work for a company you can’t control it. They give you the project and you are taking it even if you disagree with the price. If you working for yourself, you can have a full control over your price rates.

5.The Work You Love. I haven’t heard about freelance designer who started this work forcefully. We do what we love and this is the most comfortable feeling. Recently came across a thought on the Internet for work breaks. “The work we do now was the thing we did for fun in our free time. Why take time off from something you love? I don’t see why I need a vacation from something I would do on vacation if I had a day job.”

6.Freedom To Choose Clients. As a freelancer, you can choose the clients you wish to work with. You can choose the project. You can choose the rate. You have total freedom to choose, because this is your own business and you are the boss, the employer, the PR, the CEO. You are everything and you don’t have to compliance with anyone.

7.You Become A Brand. To see your name as a brand, as a mark for successful business can be very strong boost for your personal life and work confidence. If you don’t trust me you can ask Giorgio Armani, Enzo Ferrari, Hugo Boss and many more.

8.Learning. As a freelancer, you will learn new skills out of necessity that you might not gain as a traditional legal employee. These skills may be from your expertise range or they can be something that is totally different from it. In both ways improvement of personal skills is beneficial.

9.Worldwide Relationships. Connections you create with people literally from around the world are something great about your job as freelancer. The fact that your own small business goes out of your city and country and became a global product is indicative of the benefits of world level connections.

10.Mental Health. The pressure and stress in freelance work is less than in normal work. With no bosses and colleagues and targets at work, freelance job is much easier to handle than office work. Also if feel that you get tired too much you can take a break without worrying about whether the time is right.

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