Top 10 Freelance Disadvantages

To be a freelancer and to run your own small (or not so small) business is one of the most excitement things that you can imagine. Before you get excited too much and embark in deep waters of freelancing let me introduce you top 10 worst disadvantages of this profession.

1.Loneliness. Working at home means to work alone. In some cases this is good for you because there is nobody to distract you. Sometimes this loneliness is becoming too heavy and you start to miss your annoying and irritating colleagues.

2.Lack of Benefits. As someone who has no contract of employment, you do not receive employer-provided benefits such as vacation pay, health insurance, and other common benefits.

3.Variable Income. If you work for a company each month you know when and how much money you will get for your efforts. Things here are different. One month you may have many projects which will bring you a steady income, but the next few months may be a dry period for your business.

4.Long Hours. As a business owner, you probably will work more hours than you worked in a traditional office setting. You are one man team so will have to handle everything in the process from finding and negotiating with the clients, realizing the project and all other pieces from business puzzle that will take from your time.

5.Client Searching. One of the most significant challenges of a freelancing is gaining clients. You must permanently promote yourself and your business to keep and develop new clients. Sometimes you will spend more time searching for the job than the actual time that you need to do it.

6.Distractions. Working from home can be very distracting. This may be caused by everything that surrounds you in your home. You can be tempted to watch your favourite show, to take a nap or to wonder all day long what's in the fridge. If you are not living alone your family, children and pets can also distract you from what you are doing.

7.Team Projects. In most cases the customer wants the overall product to be delivered from one service provider. Mostly this is a company or a team of freelancers. Unfortunately when you are working alone you can handle some of the aspects of the project, but not the entire job. Let’s say you are a great designer, but you are completely unschooled in coding.

8.Pressure. When you work alone all the pressure lay on your shoulders. Being your own boss means that if something goes wrong the blame is all yours and nobody else. You can’t fire yourself, can you?

9.Pay Risk. This is one of the problems working as a freelancer. You don’t have secure. There are a lot of customers that don’t want to pay the price that you have negotiated, that will pay you less or will disappear in the middle of the project leaving you with half ready product. Something you've invested time that you will not be paid. One of the ways to avoid situations like this is the milestone payments.

10.Discipline. There is no boss looking at your shoulder and this means there is no one to say when you should start and when you should stop your working day. It is all about your motivation and discipline when it comes to personal freelancing business.

If you think that the people which actually work this are crazy you should check Top 10 Freelance Advantages and maybe will change your mind.

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