Make a Rainbow Photoshop Tutorial

1. Open the picture that you want to add a rainbow on.

2. Make a new layer.

3. Take the Gradient Tool. Choose the style Linear Gradient – TransparentRainbow.

4. While pressing down the Shift key, make short vertical stroke in the middle of the picture. The direction should be from top to bottom.

5. Choose Filter - Distort - Polar Coordinates. Tick Rectangular to Polar and pres OK.

6. To move the figures use the Edit - Free Transform (Ctrl + T). This way you can reduce or increase its size and move it to the appropriate location according to your picture.

7. Choose Filter - Blur - Gaussian Blur with Radius: 4.5px

8. Change Blending Mode to Screen and low the Opacity to 80%.

9. Take a large soft round Brush with Hardness 0 and delete where you think it is necessary.

10. Your rainbow is ready.

Tips to Blog Like a Pro

Your personal blog should be at the centre of your personal brand. You need to have it along with Facebook and Twitter profiles as a part of your online identity. Your blog have to be the place where you show your knowledge. Of course you should have your portfolio website, but this is the place where you will let people to get closer view to your professional work and to you as a person.

What do you need to start your own blog? You can find different blogging platforms in internet, but the two most used are and They are absolutely free and you don’t need to have any knowledge to start your own blog.

Maybe some of you will ask what they should write about. Well if you are designer, flowers are not in your topic list. You should write about what you have interest for, you are familiar with and most important About something that is in your business niche. I am freelancer graphic designer and I write about it. If I was auto mechanic probably I would write about cars and how to fix them. But if I am graphic designer who write about cars that doesn’t make sense, right?

There are no strict rules how to run your blog, but there are some tips which will get you closer to your main goal which is to promote yourself and to turn your business and your name into successful brand.

1.Blog on a regular basis at least twice a week. If you can do it every day it is even better. Goggle and all search machine love the new and fresh content.

2.Create posting schedule. If you are posting twice a week you have to try to do it in same day and hour every week. This way your readers will know when can expect you. Don’t disappoint them.

3.Keep your blog posts between 350-600 characters long. People will come to read short but valuable information. They don’t have time and they can run away from your post if it is too long, even if it is full with valuable content. If your article is becoming really big you can split it in parts. Use list based articles. People love it.

4.Read and comment other blogs. Don’t expect people to come to your blog if
you aren’t reading and commenting on theirs. This way you will be always informed what is going on in your industry and if you are leaving smart comments that are showing your knowledge on the topic will bring new readers to your blog.

5.To generate blog readers give something for free. If you are web designer you can offer free templates, if you are doing SEO optimizations offer free consultation, write a book or something else that will make people come to your blog.

6.Don’t forget the SEO.

•Make links between your articles.
•Depending on the topic of your blog, let keyword phrase that corresponds to this topic attend in the title.
•When you are commenting on other people’s blogs (or somebody shares a link of your blog) you are creating backlinks which are important for finding you easy.
•Add the key phrase and its derivatives as tags to the blog article.

7.Register at Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This will bring you a lot of new readers if you brand yourself in the social media sites.