Make a Rainbow Photoshop Tutorial

1. Open the picture that you want to add a rainbow on.

2. Make a new layer.

3. Take the Gradient Tool. Choose the style Linear Gradient – TransparentRainbow.

4. While pressing down the Shift key, make short vertical stroke in the middle of the picture. The direction should be from top to bottom.

5. Choose Filter - Distort - Polar Coordinates. Tick Rectangular to Polar and pres OK.

6. To move the figures use the Edit - Free Transform (Ctrl + T). This way you can reduce or increase its size and move it to the appropriate location according to your picture.

7. Choose Filter - Blur - Gaussian Blur with Radius: 4.5px

8. Change Blending Mode to Screen and low the Opacity to 80%.

9. Take a large soft round Brush with Hardness 0 and delete where you think it is necessary.

10. Your rainbow is ready.

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