How to Take Your Money From Bad Client

When you are working as a freelancer you’ll spend a lot of time searching for clients. If you find the perfect client you should be the happier freelancer in the world, trust me. Sometimes you’ll have to deal with people that can drive your nut. They will send tons of mails or will call every 30 minutes just to check if you are ready. When you are done with some design and present it to the client, they will not like it or will have “just few changes” and you will need to do the whole design again.

Worst of all are the client who refuses to pay, tries to reduce the payment or delays it for as long as possible. Working with clients like these can cause significant problems for your business and life. Just imagine that you are full time freelancer and this month you’ve been working mostly on a big project that will bring you cash injection for the next month. Now imagine that this client refuse to pay. Not a nice picture, right?

Lets take a look at the most common situations.

Client delays payment. When you are making the quote and the invoice should add your terms of payment. Basically this will be the length of time after the work is done that payment must be made. If after this period you still don’t have the money you will have to start to bother your clients constantly.

Client tries to reduce payment. When this happen most of the clients state that you have not delivered all that was asked from you. This is where you can use your quote again. If you have it in paper and it is signed from both sides it can be only in your favour.

Client refuses to pay. If you are at this point it is time to seek your legal rights. Your first step is to consult with lawyer but you can go further with hiring a debt collector.

Every client is different as every person is. Not knowing of what a client you will go is one of disadvantages of freelancing. There are no straight rules that can keep you away from the bad clients, but there are some signs.

- Client want multiple samples before hire you
- Clients who are overly protective of themselves
- Client don’t know exactly what he wants
- Client want unlimited changes
- Client who bargain for the price
- Client with whom is hard to get in contact
- Client with unrealistic deadlines
- Client is rude, obnoxious or disrespectful
- Client who think that is better designer than you

If you meet some of this signs in your client it is up to you if you will take the project or not. If this person has all of the listed deficiencies, please go away. I beg you!

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