Tips on Creating an Effective Online Portfolio

This is one of the mandatory elements of the creation of your personal freelancer brand. You may not have Blog, Facebook or Twitter profiles, but you must have personal portfolio website. It turns visitors into customers. Creating it is easy. The hard part is to do it well. Let me give you few advices now to make it perfect.

1.Navigate. You are creative and want to show it, right? O.K. that is fine but be careful, because if your site is too creative and strange it may confuse your visitor. And what confuse consumers do? They leave your site and proceed to the next one. Make sure the emphasis is on the work on display, not the design of the site.

2.Contact. You will be amazed how many portfolio websites does not have contact page. Don’t do that mistake. Add one separate page called Contact Me and fill it with info about how your potential client can get in touch with you.

3.The Best. Your portfolio site should only showcase your best
content. You don’t need to show all of your works. Always put the best one is in the beginning. Client will skip your site if he doesn’t like the first few once.

4.The Story. Potential clients want to hear stories about your work. They are more interested in the story than the technical part. Talk about the results of your work. What have you done for a client? What benefit was it on? And don’t lie.

5.About Me. Don’t forget this page. If a potential client like your works he will want to become familiar with you before hire you. Here are the basic questions that you will need to answer:
- Who are you?
- What qualifications do you have?
- What experience do you have?
- Do you seem trustworthy and reliable?
- Are they looking for work?
Offers some information about you and express some of your personality, but not too much.

6.Good Words. Include testimonials or references from happy clients. This is a great way to make potential client to feel more comfortable with you. So consider creating a page just for references from clients you have worked with.

7.Tags. Categorize and tag your works in the portfolio page, especially if there’s a lot of it.This will make it easier for people to see your works on the specific types of projects they need help with.

No mater if you are part time or full time freelancer you need portfolio website so go ahead and make one for yourself.

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