Contracts for Freelance Designers

The contracts are one very important part from your freelance business. Don’t underestimate it especially when you are about to start project with new client. I am not saying that client that you worked previously with can’t slip you, but maybe you will expect it from somebody that you still don’t know that much. In the best scenario if there is an issue you will have a contract no matter if you are working with good client or with bad client. Freelancers do not have the benefit of a legal department dedicated to protecting their interests. Because of that sometimes you need to have a contract. If you wonder when to use it or not take a look pros and cons of using contract.

Here is what it should be included in your contract and make sure you have a concrete agreement that leaves little chance of things getting out of hand.

  1. Client Information
  2. Project Description: Details of what product or services is to be performed.
  3. Details the number of concepts/revisions/color explorations.
  4. Deadlines: Start and delivery dates
  5. Payment Schedule: Deposit and final payment
  6. Ownership of the design/source files.
  7. Rights to use the project for promotional and educational purposes.
  8. Include a specific number of copies you will receive, of the printed project.
  9. Proofing: Mistakes are not your responsiblity after sign off.

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